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Yoga with Alex - weekly sessions, pregnancy yoga, retreats, soundbaths, partner workshops, reiki and yin yoga

Ever seen someone ambling through your village with a Yoga mat? Well, that’s the image I had when I created Jambi Yoga. After teaching in busy studios, I knew I had to simplify my way of sharing Yoga. But a cold village hall, really?? Yes really! Every hall has a story and certain quirks - but this makes it all the more endearing. The community meanders together through all seasons forming a level of trust by sharing space for release and rest. COMMUNITY - the foundation of our existence and the very reason why Jambi Yoga was created. I’ve created a space where we breathe, forming a better environment for our mental health and where we move for the health of our physical bodies. I hold a strict policy on egos - please don’t bring them. Flowers don’t compete with each other to shine the brightest. We’re spreading good vibes and creating a mega community of like-minded people willing to be honest, supportive and trust the process of Yoga. Come and check us out! First session is on the house (USE COUPON CODE ‘ JAMBI ’ WHEN CHECKING OUT).  Alex

Pregnancy Yoga
Why it’s not just about the downward dog!

Meet Alex of Jambi Yoga :)
Yoga often highlights areas of your physical and energetic body that need attention. It’s vital to remember that during pregnancy, things change as nature takes control. Yoga is knowledge to accept these changes. It’s not about physically ‘keeping fit’ or ‘being flexible’. It’s learning to become flexible in your acceptance of change :) Here’s why I recommend Yoga during pregnancy.  Alex x

Accepting change:  How easy do you find it to say YES or NO? In these vulnerable stages of growing new life, we must embrace our inner power and learn to accept that things change and that WE can also be the change! Using breathwork and meditation to calm the nervous system we can acknowledge taking time to make the right choices for us, without the guilt from not pleasing others!

Physical & Energetic release;  It’s no lie, Yoga Asana (postures/seats) provide beneficial muscle tension release. If you’ve practised Yoga before you will notice the change in how you move - a great time to practise acceptance of change. If you haven’t yet started, then what are you waiting for? It’s a great way to ease aches & pains and release unwanted negative energy.

Community:  Meet other parents to be. Whether it’s your first or you’ve birthed before, you will always learn something from communicating with likeminded people. Remember it takes a village to grow a child! Talking about and normalising fears and excitements are all part of the process. You never know you might make a friend for life!

MONDAY 10AM & 6:50PM


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