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Our skilled and experienced Osteopaths will provide you with the highest quality treatment and care and we look forward to welcoming you to our practice

From headaches to foot pain, sports related injuries & pain during pregnancy, our Osteopaths provide effective hands-on treatment
Our baby & children clinic provides gentle and effective treatment for a wide range of paediatric issues. Contact us to see if we can help you

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For the osteopaths at Kings Hill Osteopaths, back and neck pain is only a small part of the story. While these are areas that we have great success with, our scope of treatment is significantly broader.

Osteopathy is a hands-on treatment type that aims to bring or maintain the body into a state of optimum function. We utilise our deep knowledge & understanding of anatomy and the biomechanical function to optimise the best treatment approach on an individual basis.

Our patients include people with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, helping them deal with pain and altered movement. Patients suffering from abdominal symptoms have achieved significant results from visceral focussed osteopathy. Injury or postoperative rehabilitation is an area in which we provide a lot of support as well as the lesser known concept of pre-operative rehabilitation.

At Kings Hill Osteopaths, from small babies to elderly patients, you are in good hands.

Make your pregnancy pain free & happy
Pain during pregnancy is a common, but often treatable & preventable phenomenon.  It can take many guises including back pain, Sacroliliac joint pain, Symphysis pubis pain, Sciatica and upper back/neck pain.
For understandable reasons, mums-to-be want to limit the use of drugs such as antiinflammatories and painkillers but there is a safe, effective & drug-free alternative.
At Kings Hill Osteopaths, we treat mums-to-be throughout all the stages of pregnancy.  Many, who have had issues during a previous pregnancy, choose to see us before any significant symptoms begin. We use a variety of techniques to effectively ease away any symptoms and offer advice and, in some cases, rehab exercises to help prevent recurrence.
Our experienced Osteopaths have been treating mums and mums-to-be for over 25 years, making you safe in our hands. Make your pregnancy pain free & happy with Kings Hill Osteopaths.

Kings Hill Osteopaths, Regus Business Centre, 26 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, ME19 4AE


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