January 2022

Christ doesn’t stop at Christmas, but Christmas does*!

We spend so much time concentrating on the Big Day**, that we sometimes forget that Christ doesn’t stop on Christmas day. In fact if we stop our Christmas journey with Christ on Christmas day, we will miss some of the most important things, like the Wise Men. You see although our Church and school Nativity plays are likely to have the Wise Men turning up with the shepherds and others, The Wise Men’s journey, didn’t finish at Christmas, in fact they didn’t even get there until a little later. The Churches Christmas season actually ends when the Wise Men show up on Epiphany. In fact in some cultures it’s actually the wise men who bring the gifts, not father Christmas! Ever wondered why we sing the twelve days of Christmas? Well that’s the amount of time  between Christmas and Epiphany, Christ’s Birth and the Magi arriving. If we stop the story at Christmas then we don’t get the wisdom that the Wise men bring.

But as we know Christmas isn’t about presents, it’s about the hope that comes from Christ. I’m writing this just before Christmas, with the news of the new Covid variant sweeping across the country, a time where worry and nervousness abounds. So if you are sitting reading this article and are sad or lonely, have given up on things, have no hope, then the story for Christmas is for you. A Saviour born to bring hope to the hopeless nation of Israel, who transformed and still transforms today, who gives us hope that things can be different, and will be different. Do you want to know more? Well why not
join us at one of the local churches (maybe online if you are nervous about mixing in crowds), where you will be sure of a warm welcome and where you can start your life time journey with Christ.

*Technically the Church Christmas Season doesn’t end until the eve of Epiphany!

**Christmas day obviously!!

Rev Mark Montgomery
Mission Leader, St Gabriel’s Kings Hill
The Church of England on Kings Hill