I am Lyds, I’m a self- employed Personal Trainer based in Aylesford. I chose to retrain from teaching to Personal Training after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2016.  I was aiming to get fit for our wedding which was booked for December 2016 in Portugal and I got the news that turned my world upside down in July 2016. I had to accept my fate and get on with this new journey. With two young children and a fiancé I had to keep on it for them.  Thankfully, I had been attending the gym so was relatively fit going into treatment which helped me hugely as I didn’t suffer as bad as some things you hear about. I maintained my level of fitness throughout even when I was bald, it was humiliating going to the gym, but I kept on.  Treatment after treatment the doctors and nurses at the hospital were really pleased with the way it was all going and they put this all down to my level of fitness. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a breeze and there were times I was too scared to fall asleep for fear of not waking up.

Because I believe my fitness saw me through the toughest physical challenge of my life, I figured I could help others through their tough times too using fitness. This is when I decided to train as a Personal Trainer, it kept me busy throughout chemo and gave me a focus.  I haven’t looked back and I really love my job – it doesn’t feel like work.

I train one-one and small groups and since lockdown I took my classes virtual.  Throughout July I will be taking LA Personal fitness on tour for my classes and still stream them.

If you are interested in training with me, please make contact via my Facebook page LA Personal Fitness and I will be in touch.