With all the warm weather we are seeing the flea population grow, so if you have a pet then now is the time to ensure your flea treatments are up to date. If you have any doubt that your animal may have an infestation, then you need to inspect your pet’s crate and bedding for any signs of live fleas. Also check other places your pet spends time resting or grooming for flea evidence.

A good test is to lay a white pillow slip out on the floor and then place a table light on it and the warmth of the lamp will attract fleas and you can see them on the white background. If you discover you have fleas then you may have the complete cycle of eggs pupae larvae and adults.

Adults feed on blood of humans or animals and after a feed they will lay eggs. Eggs will hatch if there is heat vibration and movement as this indicates their will be a food source for them to feed on. To get rid of the flees, you need to break the cycle. A flea treatment by a professional pest controller is the best way to resolve the infestation as they are well trained in treating the problem.


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