Heating and hot water can account for more than half of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a lot of sense.
When well-maintained, even older boilers burn their fuel to a degree of efficiency, but they will still waste some heat, via the flue, in the hot exhaust gases produced.  Modern boilers are more efficient than older boilers because of their design and construction but their main advantage is that they are condensing. A condensing boiler recovers more heat from the exhaust flue gas, making it more efficient than an older boiler.
Careful consideration needs to be given when it comes to replacing your boiler as not all boilers suit all properties. The size and age of the property, customers requirements, day to day use and type of heating system all have to be taken into
account when choosing the right boiler for your home.
If you’re thinking ahead, for when your boiler needs to be replaced, get in touch with Samsian Ltd as we have the knowledge required to guide you through to making the right choice. With warranties up to 10 years, there has never been a better time.


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