About The Kings Hill Directory

Our beginnings

The company was founded in 2004 by Karen Cresswell with the initial aim of providing residents and businesses in Kings Hill, Kent with a handy source of information on local services, businesses, and community events. It later expanded to cover the surrounding villages of West Malling, Offham, Mereworth and Wateringbury.

Residents and businesses are kept informed via a monthly colour magazine, the regularly updated website and through the Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn social media pages.

New Developments

In 2017, the company started providing social media management for their advertisers.


Our expanding area

Kings Hill

West Malling




Kings Hill, Kent has expanded hugely since 2004 and now has over 400 businesses including Rolex, Kimberley Clark and CAF alongside the residential and retail areas and The Kings Hill Directory has grown with the area. In early 2016 there were over 3500 residential properties in Kings Hill alone and with the start of Phase 3 of the development this will increase by a further 635 homes. Expansion is also being seen in the surrounding villages through both new builds and redevelopment.

We are now a small team of four from Kings Hill, Mereworth and Wateringbury and, apart from working for The Kings Hill Directory, are also involved in the local communities in various ways including schools, charities, Women’s Institute, Chamber of Commerce and other business networking, parish councils, churches, sports and leisure clubs, comedy, art and music.

Our celebration

In 2014 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a party for customers at our 2014 charity of the year, Spadeworks. The charity pulled out all the stops with wonderful food, drink and a jazz band, we were blessed with sunshine and it was a great chance for everyone to meet and relax.

Our charity of the year

For 2019 it is the Kenward Trust. We provide them with free editorials and are hoping to be involved in a fund raising event later this year.

Our social media

We like keeping our readers informed and try to bring you news that you may not easily find elsewhere. We also love hearing your news, views and updates and sharing your information with our readers. Alongside our monthly colour magazine, we provide regular updates to this website and are active most weekdays on Face Book and twitter.

Our readers and advertisers

Please let us know if there is something you would like us to add that might be useful on the website, in the magazine or on social media.