May 2024 – Church News from Mereworth, Wateringbury & West Peckham

New Perspectives

The 6th of May will mark the first anniversary of the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla. How time has flown, and much has happened in that time. In this first year of our King’s reign there has been news that left us fearing for his health and for the health of his daughter-in-law the Princess of Wales. But life goes on and the members of our Royal family continue to be an example to us of perseverance and dutiful service in the face of personal difficulties.

It’s not only the Royals who set us such good examples. We probably all know of people and families just like us whose determination to press on with life in the face of ill health and life-changing events is inspirational.

Perhaps, amidst all the big news headlines about the war-torn parts of our world and other places of great unrest such as Haiti you’ve managed to pick up on some of the much ‘smaller’ and personal stories of individuals and families in those places who are showing tremendous courage and determination to get on with life in the face of horrendous circumstances. Such people and the troubles they face never fail to move us and perhaps give us a better perspective on our own situation and troubles – ‘There’s always someone worse off than you’ I often hear people stoically affirm.

For me one of the great attractions of Jesus Christ is that he came to lift up our hearts to God our creator. When our hearts go out to those who suffer it gives us a fresh perspective on our own troubles and I think when a human heart is lifted up to the source and sustainer of its being a new perspective is gained on what human life is all about and that even suffering itself has a part to play in it. I think this is why Jesus himself suffered so horribly before he left this world and went back to the Father in heaven. He sympathises with us in all our weakness and troubles and that is essential if we are to be moved to start believing in him as a trustworthy guide and companion through life. He went back to the Father and was crowned King of kings and Lord of lords showing us that going back to God is the journey we should all take.

Many Christians celebrate this on Ascension Day which is on the 9th of May this year. Perhaps you might like to attend an Ascension Day service in one of the churches in our area.

God bless.

Revd Gary Townsend
Rector of Mereworth, Wateringbury and West Peckham.
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