May 2024 – News from Nettlestead & Wateringbury Preschool and Out of Schools’ Club

After a lovely break we have welcomed all our families back from the half term break. The children were excited about coming back to share their adventures with staff and the other children. This term we will continue with exploring Spring with the children and watching all the seeds we have planted bloom. Over the course of the next few weeks as the plants get stronger, we will move the plants outdoor where the children can observe them grow and help to look after them.

Before the half term with the children, we explored life cycles and the children watched as the tiny caterpillars we got grew bigger and finally turned into chrysalis. The children shared with one another what they thought would happen next and why linking the story of the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children got to see the chrysalis open and tiny Painted Lady butterflies emerge. The children helped to look after the new butterflies until they were eventually strong enough to fly off by themselves 😊.

More recently we have had a couple of ducks that waddle up to the setting during the day, the children have enjoyed watching them come up quacking to the setting gates and have had some food ready to feed them 😊.

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