Value our Farmers and Food Producers – Pat Crawford reports.

Last year Bluetongue BTV3, a vectorborne disease, was found in sheep and cattle in Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk. (There are 25 strains, BTV 1 – 25; goats, llamas, alpacas and deer are among other animals that can be affected.)  While the disease does not pose any threat to human health or the safety of food, it can affect farm productivity. The midges responsible for BTV can be blown substantial distances and it is likely those found in UK last year were blown across the Channel from France.
Fly-tipping continues to be a plague, especially in rural and semi-rural areas. As well as being unsightly, it often results in dangerous health hazards to children, livestock, wildlife and domestic animals. Many of the perpetrators are prepared to drive several miles in order to dump their rubbish which sometimes includes drug-related and other dangerous items. The KCC website includes helpful advice and information.
The farming protest in London in late March involved about 100 tractors that gathered in New Covent Garden Market and then travelled to Westminster. The protest related to the import of substandard food and dishonest labelling. The demonstration, with which many KHD readers were sympathetic, was organised by Save British Farming and Kent-based Fairness for Farming.
A reminder that Leaf (Linking Environment and Farming) Open Farm Sunday will take place on 9 June: more information in next month’s KHD. The Kent County Show will be held at the Detling showground on 5, 6 and 7 July.
Like it or not, the UK is part of the global market and interruptions to farming in other parts of the world inevitably affect food availability and prices in this country. A reminder of the UN definition of Food Security: ‘all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life’. Climate Change is increasingly having severe impact on farming in different parts of the world and it is even more essential we value and support British farmers who maintain the highest livestock husbandry standards in the world (especially important to a nation of animal-lovers).
Please support the British Business Campaign led by MHA MacIntyre Hudson (one of the UK’s leading accountancy firms), Kings Hill Directory and the Rural Focus Press Group.
By supporting the British Business Campaign being led by MHA MacIntyre Hudson (one of the UK’s leading accountancy firms), Kings Hill Directory and the Rural Focus Press Group, every consumer can help to ensure the UK has food security. Buying British produce supports existing job which benefits the rural economy and helps local communities to thrive.
Information supplied by Pat Crawford