West Malling Farmers’ Market

Note from Sandra and Brian the Farmers’ Market Managers:

We have been working as hard as we can to try and secure some funding to get West Malling Farmers’ Market up and running again abiding by the Government requirements. The costs are high spread over a possible 12 – 18 months based on the current social distancing requirements. We also have to have in place a health/safety risk assessment for the market which is signed and agreed by a number of different partners that we work with.

We weren’t in a position to be able to open West Malling Farmers’ Market in June and we continue to talk with County Councillors, Parish Council, Environmental Health and the Borough Council.

Sorry there’s not more positive news on the market and we hope that everyone is safe and well

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Tonbridge Farmers’ Market

The next one is on Sunday 12th July. If you would like our newsletter and reminder email before the market please go to http://bit.ly/2BtUvDx

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